Welcome Citizens of the Moroccan Empire!

We congratulate you on your first step into the Moorish entrepreneurial world. Please read the curriculum and sign up instructions below to confirm your spot in the course.

The express MBA program last 12 weeks.
One class a week (2.5 hours each class)
Homework will be assigned after each class and will be checked. All homework assignments will be credited to your final grade.
There will be a test assigned at the end of the course.
A certificate of completion will be provided after completion of the course.


Part I
Introduction to Commerce
Part II
Organization development
Part III
Application in the “Real World”
Tuition: $299 for each Part.
Course start date: March 28th (Sundays)
Professor: Jaleel-Hu El
Jaleel-Hu El is a professional international community organizer who have over 17 years of business experience rooted in finance, global trade and fashion. He has spent the last 10 years at the People’s Republic of China and is now equipped with the knowledge on how to rebuild the economy for the Moroccan Empire.