1) When will I receive my card?
You will receive your card within six (6) weeks of making payment and provide ALL of the information needed for your card.

2) How do I find out my indigenous lineage?
We can help you discover your family lineage for an additional fee.

3) What’s an appellation?
A name or title.

4) Do you make the cards in different colors?

5) Do I have to be nationalized to have one?
Yes, the National Card is for moors who have declared their nationality and need an instrument to prove their identity.

6) Can I receive the card sooner than six (6) weeks?
Yes, there is an additional 10 Federal Reserve Notes for this expedited service. Cards will arrive within 4 weeks.

7) I have children. Can my child have a card as well?
Yes, all nationalized American Moors can have a National card.

8) If I buy more than one, can I get a discount?
No, all cards required the same amount of time, energy and supplies to create individual cards.

9) Can I use the National card to drive my car?
No. The National Card is a private instrument used to help you proof your identity. It is not a commercial instrument or a license to do anything.

10) How big is the card?
Its the same size as a credit/debit card.

11) What is Moorish American Allegiance?
We are movers and shakers at China that supports American Moors domestically and internationally. Many moors like to travel abroad. Moorish American Allegiance serves as an American Moor Consulate offshore.

12) How do I join the organization?
Send Jaleel an email expressing your interest.

13) Where do Arawakan people originate from?
The Arawak people originate from South America near the Orinco/Orinoquia River near Brazil, Columbia and Venezuela.

14) How much is the National Card?
46.35 Federal Reserve Notes

15) How do I pay for my National Card?
Click Here

16) Where can I go to learn Chinese?
Send us an email at

17) Are there any refunds?
All sales are final. No refunds.

18) Do you have an online platform to meet other Moors who study law?
Yes, send us an email requesting an invitation to our weekly Town Hall Meetings.