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Jaleel-Hu El (Pronounced Jah-leel Hue El), is a Moorish American National born in Lenapehoking (also known as the corporate State of New Jersey Republic) with roots tied to his Arawakan Tribe in the geographical territory of what is known today as Trinidad and Tobago corporation.

He is an entrepreneur, an educator of commerce and trade, a community organizer, a fashion show producer/director and an apparel fashion designer.

Jaleel has domiciled abroad for over 9 nine years at (PRC), The People’s Republic of China more specifically Shanghai Territory. He is fluent in 3 languages: English, Moorish Latin (Spanish) and Mandarin Chinese. He can read, write and negotiate great deals with the Chinese. He has also co-Founded Moorish American Allegiance (, a pillar for Moorish knowledge in the East, with Dyami Ali Bey at Shanghai to support Moors who are ready to build the nation with the five (5) principles of Light. At his time at China, he managed to successfully organize an industry that supported the Moors both being Moorish Americans and Alkebuluns. Jaleel held networking and business events at 9 different cities within the Chinese jurisdiction. He has also organized, produced, and directed four (4) major fashion shows displaying Moorish arts and culture to the Chinese population. Jaleel successfully managed to raise the global image of Moors especially the Africans/Alkebuluns at the People’s Republic of China territory.

His work did not go unnoticed. Jaleel was awarded Community Event of the Year and Entrepreneur of the Year presented by Pride of Africa in Beijing. Before Jaleel was exposed to Moorish Science, his first platform, “Shanghai Black Fashion Week” became very popular not just at China, but also at 4 other continents including North and South America, Europe and Africa. Some of his 12 designers were featured in different magazines and newspapers at the Africa continent. Jaleel was also mentioned in a TED TALK presentation in Germany by a fellow Moorish American sister who domiciles at London. He was also invited to be a judge on Mika Tourism of the Globe beauty pageant for 2 years at Northwest China. He was the only non-Chinese judge on the platform and proudly represented his nation and culture for millions to see.

His first fashion show at China sparked interest in young Moorish entrepreneurs that had dreams of working in the fashion industry. His most recent show renamed to “American Fashion Show International (AFSI)” created not only a positive image but also created business opportunities and jobs. Jaleel was featured in a documentary with Shanghai TV station about what is like working in China as a professional. He was able to employ over 85 people and attract over 400 guests in his last show at (pronounced Gw-uang Joe) Guangzhou, China. AFSI is a touring show that brings buyers, media, and the general public in contact with Moorish Americans, Chinese and others. The Mission of (AFSI) American Fashion Show International is to open up the conversation about designers, hair stylists, models, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, and performers of all sorts and their talents around the world. He wants to provide them with a prominent platform to showcase their work.

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