Chef’s Bio


Garfield Haylett, Fire & Spice Vegan Restaurant

Executive Chef Garfield Haylett, with 17 years of experience, founded Fire & Spice Vegan Restaurant in February 2009.

Born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, Garfield started in the food service industry at the age of 21 at Mount Sinai in Hartford, CT. After learning how to run a kitchen, he went on to start his own vegetarian restaurants, the Lion’s Den in 1996 and Kebra Nagast in 2003. The decision to open Fire & Spice stemmed from a need to curtail the rising obesity epidemic that is plaguing our city and nation at large.

In addition to cooking, Garfield’s passion is to educate the masses on making food choices to maintain optimal health. This is achieved daily through interactions with our customers and formally through cooking classes. During one of these classes, the student will learn how to infuse flavor into foods such as tofu, kale, and lentils to name a few.

Herb Virgo is the Founder and Executive Director of the Keney Park Sustainability Project (KPSP). KPSP was established to provide hands-on training, on-site demonstrations, outreach, and community collaborations that help families become more self-sustainable and environmentally conscious while preserving the historic Keney Park. As a rehabilitative community garden with a variety of locally grown produce, Keney Park Sustainability Project uses what it grows to demonstrate healthy food cultivation to its students and stewards and provide a valuable gardening resource to the community.

Chef Don
Chef Don of Chef Don Experience, FlavaTown LLC is a Plant-Based Private Chef/Caterer born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. The Chef Don Experience takes pride in providing plant-based meals that nourish the Mind, Body & Soul. Our goal is to highlight healthy alternatives for traditional cuisines bringing your taste buds to a place we like to call ‘FlavaTown.’ Here at FlavaTown LLC, we maintain the flavor and simply substitute the ingredients with 100% plant based foods. FlavaTown LLC offers private catering, personal chef & meal prep services all throughout the NYC area. Chef Don has been featured in collaboration with several restaurants in NYC including Fusion East New York, Sol Sips and has even extended his services to Industry Professionals of NYC Hip Hop is Green & Brooklyn Borough President, Eric Adams.

Don’t miss your trip to a place we like to call FlavaTown!

Stay updated via social media @ChefDon_ @FlavaTown_NYC for more info!

Chef Bernard Terrell Jr. aka Burnie T
Bernard Terrell, Jr aka Burnie T, hails from the island of Wai’tu kubuli (Dominica). In 1990, he traveled to the mainland, first domiciling near New York City, and then in 1997 settled at Flat River Place (Connecticut) where he remains today with his wife of 10 years. Burnie T’s love of cooking began in the early nineties cooking for friends and loved ones drawing from the smells and spices he experienced in his mother’s kitchen growing up in the islands. An accomplished drummer, singer, and songwriter, Burnie T traveled to California in 2011 where, when he wasn’t performing, worked in the vegan restaurant Taste Buds (Ukiah, CA). After only a week at Taste Buds, Burnie T was made chef allowing him the opportunity to continue his exploration into the flavors of vegan cuisine. Now back on the East Coast, he is known for his open-kitchen policy, always offering a plate of food to neighbors, friends, and family. He also does catering for small events, when he is not working full-time for the Hartford Schools in kitchen management. He is incredibly excited to take part in the Cooking Show!