National Card 

Please note that what substantiates an identification card is the inclusion of one’s Nationality and no expiration date, as one’s identity does not expire. Thus a National Card and a proper identification card are ONE IN THE SAME!! Any other card could be a membership card for those who are drivers or a part of any club associations of which none of them necessarily requires a nationality on it. We must know the difference between a national card, membership card, identification card, and any combination of the same. Any corporate state’s identification does not include a nationality because they are quasinational domiciles and venues, thus do not have the jurisdiction (right to speak or issue) anything to a natural flesh and blood beings or national matters.

Also Note: A National Identification Card DOES NOT bring you your Nationality! Nationality is bestowed upon you from birth through your mother’s womb. Anything in written form is a brief expressing your position regarding a matter and that would include the card itself, as a brief, a claim.

What is an Identification Card?
A card that gives identifying information such as name, age, and organizational membership about a person who then carries the card and uses it to establish his or her identity, also called, “identity card.” — Tormont’s Webster Illustrated Encyclopedia Dictionary, 1987.

National Card Form